• The Metropolis Collection

    An Homage to Global cities

  • We no longer live in a time with a singularity and homogeneity where a dynastic vision shapes everything around us. Gone are the days of the Moghuls, the Medicis, and the Rockefellers.

    These global centers of today are intricate visions that weave people's personal history that you experience within layers of the remnants of the dynastic power structures.

    The Metropolis collection came together when we asked what was next in the non-symbolic representation of the world around us. We developed our urban-inspired vocabulary from walks down global powerhouses worldwide as an ode to a time shaped by many multitudes - many loud and soft voices. How phenomenal that we live during a period in history where most individuals have extraordinary access to information, tools, global trade, and travel.

  • We at Good Bridges love cities and have created this collection in the same spirit, blending the old with the new. Each pattern is a bridge to a story - a kaleidoscope of its own, making the metropolises around the world that are all morphing and communicating with each other. 

    The skateboard, the cricket bat, and the kinesthetic mobiles are all part of urban life. Each piece is a unique blend of patterns, and no two or quite the same, even though some have similar elements. Layers upon layers, weaving an intimate history that blends like the living populations in global cities.

    We hope you will let your curiosity guide you as you discover these pieces.