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Sun catcher with crystal - Hand drawn mobiles

Sun catcher with crystal - Hand drawn mobiles

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Hand-drawn by @ladythatdraws

Embrace the enchanting beauty of natural light with our hand-drawn suncatcher featuring a dazzling crystal. Each suncatcher is meticulously hand-drawn, resulting in a unique and captivating design that radiates with artistic elegance.

Suspended from a transparent thread, the crystal effortlessly catches and refracts sunlight, filling your space with a mesmerizing display of colors and shimmering reflections.

Whether adorning a window or gracing an outdoor area, our hand-drawn suncatcher with a crystal adds a touch of magic and serenity to any environment. Elevate your surroundings and bask in the mesmerizing dance of light with this exquisite suncatcher.
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Crafted with love, made by hand!

  • Certificate of Authenticity Included
  • Frame not included
  • One per customer/household